The Glimpse 

Impossible Possibilities introduces its day-in-the-life program named "The Glimpse." The program offers elementary and middle-school students an opportunity to walk in the shoes of prominent individuals employed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Glimpse provides students simply that—a glimpse into the inner workings of an elite professional in his or her respective field. 

The breadth of professions spans as far as the imaginations of the students submitting the applications, ranging from doctors to lawyers to professional athletes and everything in between. Impossible Possibilities selects students attending schools in the Tarrant and Dallas counties and matches them with a professional in a mutual field of interest. 

The students see a glimpse of their respective professional's work schedule. In exchange, the students share a glimpse into their own lives because the children selected either live with or have lived with hardships beyond their control and have still pursued their passions for discovery. 

The organization details the day-in-the-life event in a video documentary, spotlighted essay submission and pictorial spread. Parents or guardians of any students interested in “The Glimpse” can submit a brief application online with a typed statement not to exceed 500 words detailing their student's respective story as well as a specific area of interest and/or specific individual compatible with the program.


Watch Past Glimpse Episodes:

Firefighter for the day

TV News Anchor for the day

Cleopatra for the day

Fighter Pilot for the day

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Kristian Gaytan

headshot Not only is [Kristian] a very intelligent young man, but he is the type that is willing to help others that need assistance.

Da'Vion Taylor

Da'Vion Taylor After his father's release from prison, I had hoped he would build a relationship with his son, but things don't always go according to plan.

Roy Harris

roy thumbnail I thank the Lord daily for my son. I thank Him for his good manners, his positive attitude and how he enjoys meeting new people.

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