All Eyes on Me - Da'Vion

Da'Vion and his mother, Valerie, after the Diamondbacks won the Southside Fort Worth Little League Championship at Echo Lake Park My son, Da'Vion Taylor, was raised in Southside Fort Worth. Although he has grown up without his father in his life, he has always been loved, not only by me but also by his grandparents, aunties and uncles. Da'Vion first met his father at the age of three.

After his father's release from prison, I had hoped he would build a relationship with his son, but things don't always go according to plan. Over the next year, I endured verbal and physical abuse from Da'Vion's father, which led to his second imprisonment.

Wanting better for my son and new-born daughter, I moved our family into my mother's home and did my best to raise my children in a safe environment. As Da'Vion's childhood returned to normal, I decided it would be good for him to try his hand at sports.

He loves to play basketball and football, and he recently finished his first season of Little League baseball, where his team, the Diamondbacks, won first place. Sports have been a much needed outlet for Da'Vion, allowing him to be part of something positive within the community.

He has also become more involved in the church, joining both the choir and usher board. My son is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky 10 year old who loves his immediate family as well as his extended family at H.O.P.E. Farm. Since he started the program, he has become the most loving, positive hentai porn son and big brother. I love Da'Vion's spirit and the compassion he has for others, and I couldn't be more proud of the young man he is becoming.



Da'Vion's Photo Album

Da'Vion suits up with the help of Firefighters Jerry Bays (left) and Shane Harmon. Da'Vion becomes an honorary crew member of Firestation #2. Da'Vion receives a close-up look at Fire Engine #2. Engineer Eddie Calahan unrolls a 1-inch red line and Da'Vion springs into action. Da'Vion crunches metal in the Jaws of Life with Firefighter Jerry Bays. Da'Vion takes a ride in the bucket with Captain Greg Yates (right) and Firefighter Shane Harmon. Da'Vion overcomes his fear of heights and takes in the view of downtown Fort Worth. Da'Vion's first cruise in a limo comes via Captain Limousine's H2 Shadow! Captain Yates lends Da'Vion his helmet. Engineer Eddie Calahan discusses the pump panel controls with Da'Vion. Firefighter Jerry Bays teaches Da'Vion proper rescue techniques. Da'Vion watches as Engineer Eddie Calahan activates the Command Light. Da'Vion sits shotgun in Fire Engine #2. Da'Vion familiarizes himself with the various firefighter equipment with Engineer Tim Phillips. Phillips shows him the pike pole, which can be used to poke through or pull down ceilings.

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