All Eyes on Me - Roy Harris

Roy and his mother Michelle Hall at his very first football game I knew my son was special the day he was born. Ever since that day, Roy Lee Harris III hentai porn has been my little man. My family and I used to joke that he would be a preacher one day because he looked just like his grandfather who was a preacher. I don’t know what he will turn out to be in the future, but right now he sure is trying his hardest.

He is not afraid to try new things, and it’s difficult at times to keep up with all his activities. He really likes science and even earned first place in the school science fair this past year. He plays football and track, and he is also a stepper at the Fortress Youth Development Center.

I thank the Lord daily for my son. I thank Him for his good manners, his positive attitude and how he enjoys meeting new people. And I thank Him for everything we have as a family. Roy is the youngest of three kids and the only man in our house. Currently, we live with my mother, while I continue to work so we can get back on our feet.

Times can be tough when you are a single parent with three kids, but we always seem to make it through. I wish Roy’s father would take more of an interest in his son. I think things would be a lot easier for him if he had his father around. Sometimes, Roy’s father will call the house and schedule a time to pick him up. But he rarely follows through on the promises he makes.

As Roy continues to grow, he is starting to better understand the situation with his father, and he is handling it the best way he knows how. I tell him to keep his head up and not to worry about the negative. I tell him that he has great things in store for his life. The more I tell him these things, the more he knows his mother and sisters will be there to support him every step along the way.


Roy's Photo Album

Roy takes a picture with the CBS 11 anchor team Teresa Frosini interviews Roy for a segment entitled Roy's pulls up to CBS 11 in a stretch MKX Roy takes the controls of a studio camera Roy settles in at the Storm Track Center Roy meets news anchor Ginger Allen CBS 11 Technical Director Glenn Knuth shows Roy the control room Roy and meteorologist Jeff Jamison track Hurricane Bill Roy sees traffic from a different angle at the CBS 11 Traffic Center with Teresa Frosini Technical Director Glenn Knuth preps Roy before a live cut into the national CBS Early Show Roy tracks a thunderstorm hitting the DFW area Roy and Ginger Allen zoom in for a close up Roy asks Teresa Frosini a few questions Roys visits the CBS 11 newsroom

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