Grant Guidelines & Instructions


The Impossible Possibilities’ Grant Initiative provides teachers and administrators the opportunity to fund programs benefitting students in the Tarrant and Dallas counties. The Board of Directors takes into account the following in its selection process: program details, benefits for participating students, the number of students directly involved and the peripheral advantages to the school. Impossible Possibilities provides funding for various programs, including, but not limited to: curriculum building, science fairs, college prep courses, reading programs and education-based field trips.

Guidelines and Instructions:

1.    Only school representatives in the Tarrant and Dallas counties may apply for a grant

2.    The Impossible Possibilities’ Grant Initiative provides monetary benefits for programs ranging from 1st grade to 12th grade. Grant tiers are strictly based on individual program needs and are broken down as follows: $500 and $1,000 grants.

3.    Proposals must be received by December 31 for funding disbursements in the spring semester. Proposals must be received by June 30 for funding disbursements in the fall semester.

4.    Grant recipients will be notified by January 15 for spring grants and by August 1 for fall grants..

5.    Individual budgets may not exceed $1,000. All grants are made in the name of the applicant’s school. All funds must be used as described in the selected proposal.

6.    A final summary must be submitted to Impossible Possibilities within one month of the activity/program completion.

Application Process:

1.    Applicants must submit a completed application online (handwritten and/or incomplete applications will not be processed).

2.    Applicants must complete the following project sections of the application: Description, Timeline, Evaluation and Budget.

3.    Impossible Possibilities reserves the right to request additional documentation if required by the Board of Directors. 


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