2008 Marketing Campaign


Impossible Possibilities proudly announces its first annual marketing campaign entitled “Adapt(ability).” 

The organization is focusing its 2008 vision squarely on this concept. By adapting to circumstance and change, students are able to overcome new obstacles. Impossible Possibilities asks students to keep an open mind as they grapple with daily decisions.

Versatility and flexibility are central to advancement in today’s society. Students need to use their imaginations to create new routes toward success. New ideas drive innovation, and innovation is fundamental in producing change.

“Students need to open themselves up to different views and perspectives,” President Joshua Hernandez said. “You have to expand your knoweldge base in order to expand as a person.”

Impossible Possibilities ties each campaign directly to the values upheld in “True Context,” one of its five central programs. The organization promotes four words each year through its “True Context” program and then selects four students who embody the meanings of each word. Impossible Possibilities will also feature the campaign in its merchandise and apparel lines.   

Each campaign is designed around an original theme that students can relate to as they pursue individual goals. The organization’s main objective in creating future campaigns is simple: top the idea from the year before.

Impossible Possibilities is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area providing education initiatives locally and abroad.


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