2010 Marketing Campaign

2010 Marketing Campaign


Impossible Possibilities announces its 2010 marketing campaign: The “Be-Attitudes.”

The “Be-Attitudes” offer a blueprint for success by focusing on five central attitudes students should embrace as they continue on their educational journeys.

Be Independent: An independent attitude believes limitations are nothing more than mile markers waiting to be reached.

Be Dedicated: A dedicated attitude stays the course and understands that challenge leads to opportunity.

Be Genuine: A genuine attitude expresses sincerity in both word and deed.

Be Open-Minded: An open-minded attitude accepts diversity of opinion.

Be Yourself: Being yourself means to use education as the tool to discover your passion and then using that passion to “be an element of change.”

“Progress is a mindset, and the ‘Be-Attitudes’ are our way of teaching students that progressive thoughts lead to progressive actions,” Impossible Possibilities’ President Joshua Hernandez said. “Our attitudes determine what we can or cannot accomplish in our lifetimes.”

The Impossible Possibilities’ marketing campaigns represent specific themes that the organization promotes each year. The campaigns are designed around original ideas and are also tied to “True Context,” a program that highlights specific words and then matches students to the word that best defines his or her personal story.

Impossible Possibilities is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization located in Fort Worth that provides education initiatives locally and abroad.


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