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Impossible Possibilities (IP) announces its 2012 Marketing Campaign: Better than Almost.

The phrases “I almost did (this)” or “I almost did (that)” are often mentioned when individuals fall short of reaching their goals. IP is challenging students to be “Better than Almost” by withstanding challenges, overcoming setbacks and striving for greatness both inside and outside the classroom. Achievement is a byproduct of adversity, and it’s through adversity that individuals learn who they are and what they can overcome.

“We wanted to create a campaign that hentai porn commemorated the 10th year anniversary of September 11, and also reminded students that no matter what they’ve endured in life, they have the opportunity to be better off than they were before,” Director Travis Sapaugh said.

In the same way the US has picked up the pieces from that fateful September day, students need to move forward in their own lives, always remembering their past experiences and using them as motivation to help them become the best they can be.

This year's images for the 2012 Campaign include: Steve Jobs being better than average with his technological innovations, Alex Honnold being better than fear for his willingness to climb rock faces without the assistance of ropes, Jane Goodall being better than ordinary for her lifelong commitment to the conservation of chimpanzees in the wild, Muhammad Ali being better than defeat for continuing his boxing career after being imprisoned for his stance on the Vietnam War and finally the iconic photo of three firefighters raising the American flag at Ground Zero, representing better than almost for the county’s ability to rebuild after the historical tragedy of 9/11.

The Impossible Possibilities’ marketing campaigns represent specific themes that the organization promotes each year. The campaigns are designed around original ideas and are incorporated into the organization’s annual scholarship essay question.

Impossible Possibilities is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization located in Fort Worth that provides education initiatives locally and abroad.

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